Bar Mitzvah: Rose: Washington Crossing, PA

Originally posted May 20, 2011

Special day.I was impressed by this boy in so many ways.  Calm.  Cool  Collected. Ready.Calvin and Gail.  You can see where Daniel’s confidence, and smile, comes from.  They were so easy and relaxed, ready for the big weekend.  Family and friends about to descend, and they had great plans for everyone.He was so comfortable, confident, happy.  Proud.After the service, a lovely luncheon at Francisco’s on the Delaware in Washington Crossing.  I loved that they braved the walk across River Road, always risky on a weekend.  You wouldn’t know rain threatened.  Gail and Calvin again:  nice touch with tie, don’t you think?More clothing coordination!  A plan?  Made me happy.  Beaming grandparents.Daniel resisted, for a bit, taking the spotlight at Francisco’s.  Not for long. Relatives spoke highly and solemnly about him, but laughter was the key to the afternoon.The day was broken into two parts (well, three when you count the ceremony at Shir Ami in Newtown).  Delicious afternoon luncheon followed by an evening party at Kat Man Du on the other side of the river.  I lost count at about 70 kids…dressed and ready to go.Surrounded by friends.“Mmmmm…I’m getting some of that!”  Digging in to the treats.  Great idea for kids. Tricia of Tricia’s Decorating and Designing for all Occasions was great to work with – she knows kids, evidenced by the favors at the restaurant and the balloons and candy centerpieces at Kat Man Du.  The kids, needless to say, loved it.  candy gives you energy.  Energy puts you…on stage.Thank you for allowing us to be part of Daniel’s special day.  Looking forward to sharing all of the photographs with you!

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