Bristol Riverside, PA Engagement | Tim + Adde

July along the Delaware River, always a beautiful spot for engagement photography.   This time, we headed a bit south and met Tim and Adde at Lions Park in Bristol. which is a special spot for Adde since she grew up playing at the river.

They officially met three years ago while out with mutual friends, although they knew of each other.  Both are active volunteers in Bucks County fire fighting.  Tim is also an EMT and Adde is pursuing her nursing degree.   To say we  admire them for their dedication is but a hint of how we feel about these two.  When they talk about different situations they have found themselves in, which they must be prompted to do, you can see the passion and compassion in their eyes and hear it in their voices.  They have spent years, since both were teenagers, rescuing others, giving to others.  Now, they are giving to each other; they were made for each other.  You can see it in their eyes, their gestures, their laughs.

What started as a warm, still afternoon along a peaceful river suddenly became crazily windy, just as we headed for this little beach area.  They held each other steady on the rocks.

Another reason Adde wanted to come to this park:  the Celtic Memorial.  She loves it, and so does Tim – after all, a Mead and a Callahan are joining together in marriage soon…so of course they both love this spot.   Dedicated in 1997, the high cross monument is stunning.  The inscription is beautiful, both for the Celts past, present and future, and for what I see as a connection to Adde and Tim’s dedication to saving lives:  “We remember those who have gone before, those who stand here now and those of generations yet to come. To the Celts who came in faith and hope, who shared dreams and sorrows, we dedicate this monument.  We, the Celts, are here.”  Take a look.

That smile.

We left the river and took a stroll down the block past the historic King George Inn.  I loved watching their faces as they walked and talked and laughed.  She makes him happy.

We took some time in a deserted little spot for individual portraits.  Smiles turned into hysterical laughter, but only they (and we) know why…secret is safe with us!   Great tension reliever, laughter!

Since these two first knew of each other as volunteer fire fighters,  we just had to spend time at the firehouse.  I was once a firefighter, and so Tim and I hit it off early on.  Shared experiences.  There is something about these two that is … strong.  Determined.  They know the value of strong love and friendship.  Life is precious, and they know it.

Thanks to Tim and the fire company, we got to shoot some very cool shots with a classic.  1951 Fire Engine.

These two are a team.  I’d call on them for help any day!

Tim and Adde, thanks for sharing your story with us.  We can’t wait to share the rest of the photographs with you and celebrate your wedding with you next July!

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