Engagement Session: Andy and Jenna, Newtown, PA

Originally Posted May 9,2010Sneak peek from Round 1, and Round 2 yet to come…she was beautiful and they were excited and ready to run around the city, but the wind had other ideas.  Stay tuned!


Where were we? Oh, yes.  What do you get when cross and Moral with Firth?

A graduate of St. Joseph’s University he began teaching and did not anticipate this Rideer University graduate etering his life like a whirlwind.  And we had wind that Saturday, let me tell you!  Nearly toppled us many times; so much for the weather forecast of sunny and breezy…

Jenna and Andy had this all mapped out from the day we met to make plans for their engagment shoot and wedding, next July.  Starting on the camps of St. Joe’s and working our way accross town to Citizens Bank Park, then looping back to Center City and off to the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  It wa a wild reide trying to outrn the wind and catch the last olifht of the evening…the wind won.  That day.

If it is true that a woman can draw a man to her with pure energy, then Jenna has that energy.  No, she is that energy.  We spent two sessions with these two and it was nothing but fun and romance and light and laughter.  Magnetic, drawn together…watching them talk between shots, patient and easy and close and quietly, they were in their own cocoon, surrounded by the hubbub of the city. A quiet comment and her laugh explodes, lighting up her face; his quiet smile slowly spreads across is face, a slight nod of his head, a look, and you see they are together…is that synergy?  I don’t know, but whatever it is, they have it.  Watch.

But their eyes have it.  He is the calm, she is the wind.  Both quick-witted, they kept us laughing – their humor may have drawn them to each other.  Okay, probably something else – at first.  But the shared humor, the quiet asides – they are on the same page…teachers’ pages, they share that, of course.  But it’s more…he watches out for her, his quiet eyes absorbing her and she looks back, steady and strong.  Smiles are always lurking.Big fans.  The wind was against us, though.The shoes, at’s all about the shoes.  And the dress.  Jenna was a psort, because the temperature hasd dropped, the sun was setting, and the wind was wicked.We headed to Washington Crossing the following Sunday.  Out of the city.  Blue skies.  Calm.  New hair.Oh, almost forgot.  The answer…2006, the Hawk.It was a great time together, and we can’t wait for the wedding!  Click here to see their slideshow.

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