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Beat Street Bar Mitzvah | Luff

It seems we have another remarkable young man:  M.  So young, yet so composed, bright, articulate.  Tried to tell us he was nervous but … we couldn’t see it.  He carried himself through the evening like a pro. Mom and dad watched.  He grinned like that all night, too. If you know M, you know […]

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Baby G (2nd Session)

Remember this beautiful baby?  We closed January with Baby G and mom and dad.  Precious. Angelic.  She slept through the beginning.  Then, awakened.  I remember mine: they wake up hungry.Daddy’s girl already.  Ryan is a natural, soothing his daughter.We hung out for a while, and she calmed herself.  Or they calmed her…I love the way […]

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Family Portrait: Wolfenson: Bucks County, PA

Originally posted October 18, 2010You remember this family, right?  They of the fabulous backyard celebration for the twins.  Hard to believe that was just the end of summer, and now it’s already heading for Halloween, temperature dropping, leaves about to change.  But I love this time of year – my favorite light appears earlier and […]

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F o l l o w   U s !