October: Dr. Scarlett, Bras, and Pink

If it’s October, one thing is guaranteed:  I call it “pinking” the world.  Everywhere you look, something special is happening as people come together to fight this thing called breast cancer.   In Newtown, women came together at Dr. William Scarlett’s Fourth Annual Art Therapy Workshop.  They came to support each other, to celebrate victories, to mourn losses, to find old friends and make new friends.  And to decorate bras, of course.    This year we were once again honored to be invited to be a small part of this day.  It was perhaps more special for my wife, who shared a few steps of a good friend’s own journey this past summer.  As each of these women do, Irene has taught us both so much:  about strength, about friendship, about laughter.  About life.

Glue guns loaded.

Bill and his wife Amy go a little crazy in the arts and crafts department, wouldn’t you say?  The women have so much to choose from, but after a careful inspection of all the goods, they set to work.  Each brings her heart to the project, and every year we are amazed at the variety of designs.  Who knew there were so many ways to decorate brassieres?

A quiet descends on the room each time we see this, broken by murmurings of conversation, along with the occasional burst of laughter.  Glitter, paint, beads, feathers, ribbons, jewels…and more things I cannot begin to identify…are scrutinized, picked up, discarded, until just the perfect decorations are chosen.   Some seem surprised by their sudden sense of whimsy and creativity.

It’s all about the details.

We slipped out, as we always do, before the end of the workshop.  Some would go on to write about their experience, some would take a moment to stand and share their designs and more importantly, their thoughts and feelings.  That is special.  That is only for them.   We honor you all.

Thanks, Bill, for letting us be a part of the day.

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